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Whenever clients have walked into our business centres, they have emerged with stronger businesses and cohesive teams.

Success stories

Borland Software Corporation
Tenure: 2000 to 2003 | Team size: 20 | Location: Bangalore
A US based IT Products Company, Borland operated from Newbridge Indiranagar( Bangalore).The Bangalore office was headed by Managing Director (India) .They eventually moved into their own office. The core functions carried out were in Sales and Business Development.

CGI Valve
Tenure: June 2006 to Dec 2007 | Team size: 40 | Location: Bangalore
A Sweden Based Company , CGI Valve specializes in Engineering Products. The core functions carried out from Newbridge Koramangala ( Bangalore) were in IT Design and also as a regional sales outfit . They have now grown to an 80 member team and have their offices in Whitefield, Bangalore.

Tenure: June to Dec, 2007 | Team size: 20 | Location: Gurgaon
The US based Insurance Company ,Metlife operated out of Newbridge Gurgaon as a part of their foray into the North India market. They transitioned into an office for 80 people subsequently.

Trend Micro
Tenure: Feb 2004 till date | Team size: 6 | Location: Bangalore
The US Based IT Security Company, Trend Micro Operated out of Newbridge Indiranagar ( Bangalore). The core functions carried out are in Regional Sales & Business Development.

Tenure: 12 months + | Team size: 6
The US based Job Portal , carried out its initial foray into the Indian Market from Newbridge Indiranagar ( Bangalore ). The core function was in Sales & Business Development.

Adobe Systems
Tenure: 3 years | Team size: 1
A US based IT products company, Adobe's Software Development Establishment in NOIDA was faced with a situation where some of its engineers who were natives of Bangalore felt the need to be based out of their home town for at least a coupleof months in a year. By providing them with a small office @ Newbridge Ulsoor Road (Bangalore) Adobe was successful in addressing an important concern of its employees.

Team size: 2 | Location: Newbridge Koramangala , Bangalore
The US Based accessories major hired Newbridge Offices for a 2 member sales team headed by the Country Manager. Targus used the Newbridge services from June 2002 to June 2004.

Web Chutney
Team size: 6 | Location: Newbridge Indiranagar , Bangalore
NewDelhi based Web Chutney is India's No 1 company in the area of online marketing. Their Bangalore operations started with a 1 member sales team @ Newbridge Indiranagar in August 2003. The company has now expanded its functions in back end development with a team of 6 people.

Tenure: 4 months | Team size: 20
The USA based Apparels company, set up their first office in the NCR @ Newbridge Gurgaon. Being a 20 member team, their tenure lasted 4months during which time their permament office was being prepared.

Siebel Systems
Tenure: 3 years | Team size: 6
The USA Based software products company set up its first office in India at the Newbridge Indiranagar premises in April 2001. Represented by the country manager , the usage started from Virtual Office services transitioned to a single person cabin and eventually within a 3 year span they grew to a 6 member team.

Tenure: 6 months | Team size: 2
A USA based Software product co, a 2 member presales team was stationed at Newbridge Koramangala for a period of 6 months ending August 2006.

JM Morgan Stanley
Tenure: 4 months | Team size: 25
The US based financial services company housed a 25 member team at Newbridge Indiranagar, Bangalore for a tenure of 4 months starting February 2001. Their offices were being refurbished and hence the requirement of a temporary office space.

Team size: 6 | Location: Newbridge Koramangala , Bangalore
The Japan based watch manufacturer, started its first office in India at Newbridge Kormangala in February 2007. Represented by its Managing Director - a team of 6 people comprising of Japanese and Indian nationals were stationed until their permanent offices were being prepared.

DGM Worldwide
Tenure: 10 months | Team size: 20
DGM Worldwide, the UK based online marketing company, opted for our floating desks option at the Newbridge Gurgaon Centre. They stayed with us for ten months within which they were periodically transferred to latent seats. By doing this, they saved almost 30% of their rental costs while Newbridge got to harness its inventory.

Radio City
Tenure: 6 months | Team size: 20
The FM radio company worked out of Newbridge Indiranagar between August 2001 and January 2002. A 20 member team was accommodated until their office premises were being set up.

Kyocera Wireless
Tenure: 3 months | Team size: 2
A two-member team worked out of Newbridge Koramangala, for a period of 3 months, ending Oct 2003.

Tenure: 10+ months | Team Size: 7
The reputed real estate major, Emaar MGF set up its first office in Bangalore at Newbridge Koramangala. This served as a temporary set up until the team was ready to scale up.

Tenure: 15 months | Team Size: 80
Before the Cairn Energy team moved into their own premises, they were accommodated at the Gurgaon centre for a period of 15 months. Newbridge undertook extensive IT customization and maintained stringent office management standards as per the client’s requirements.