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Get the best of both worlds with Managed offices from Newbridge Business Centres. This helps clients to have an exclusive facility to themselves while at the same time, avail the world-class service promise.

Managed Offices

The Newbridge value proposition

  Establishment rented by client Newbridge Advantage
Identification of property Crucial time in the initial days of a company’s presence in Bangalore can be lost in search of suitable options.Out of more than 50 criteria for suitability, a few could easily get ignored. NewBridge keeps ready various options, based on all the factors typically required for high performance companies.Factors like parking facility, location, ambience, accessibility and address value are taken into due consideration while identifying managed office locations.
Payment of brokerage

Typically one-month rent fee.

Not applicable.

Payment of deposit

Typically 10 month deposit. Deposit ranging from 4 to 6 months depending on duration of requirement.
Interiors - Planning and execution

Time consuming in terms of planning. Lack of familiarity with the work of Interiors might lead to delays and waste.Monetary resources get locked, in case change is required at a short notice.

NewBridge takes on the onus entirely. Customises according to client needs. Makes changes as and when required.

Interaction with property owner and other regulatory authorities A potential time drain. Single-point interaction with NewBridge
Approvals and clearances - Commercial property approval, rent agreement registration, etc Another potential time drain. NewBridge takes on the complete responsibility
Admin & support staff - Recruitment, training and salary Minimum two staff is required, taking up time and monetary resources NewBridge provides trained staff on the rolls of the business centre
Communications - Internet connectivity, telephones Identification of the right vendor, right packages, right charges, etc and subsequent management of the same NewBridge provides and maintains all connectivity facilities – each of them carefully selected for performance, efficiency, service and rates.
Office equipment purchase, maintenance and operations - PCs, laptops, EPABX, Fax, photocopier, air conditioner, water dispensers, coffee dispensers Arriving at a functional level could take critical time in the early days. Additionally, monetary resources could get locked into a specific set of hardware. NewBridge provides all equipment, maintains and runs them for its clients.